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So I have had this book since the begining of the Spring Semester. I have always meant to read it, but as anyone who is an English Major can tell you, we rarely have time to read for fun or leisure. Not that I didn’t enjoy the books I read during the semester (I took a class on the Harry Potter series so that was fun :) but other than finishing off the Hunger Games series, this book was the first book I have been able to read just for fun since the semester finished and Summer started.

This is my first review of anything, but I really felt I needed to talk about this book. As I have never written a review before please forgive me if it seems a bit… jumbled. If i continue to write reviews I am sure I will get better.

Okay. Now on to the Book.

This book is called Hero and it was written by Perry Moore. It stars a young guy named Thom Creed. He is the son of Hal Creed, a former superhero by the name of Major Might who now lives in disgrace after a tragedy that occured at a place called Wilson Tower. What ever event took place there cause the death of many people and cost Major Might one of his hands and his career as a superhero.

Not only is he Shunned by the Populace, he is also shunned by his former friends and allies in the Superhero Community. Namely the preeminant superhero team known as The League.

This leads to bitterness towards the entire superhero community, particularly Heroes with Superpowers.

So when Young Thom Creed discovers he has the power to heal any living thing he touches, inadvertantly helps in a villain take down, AND gets invited to join The League itself, a dream he has had for a long time you can bet the first person he runs to tell will NOT be his father.

On top of that, Thom has another secret he has been keeping from everyone. You see, Thom is gay. Something else his tough, ex-superhero, war veteran father would probably not be too happy about.

So between sports, community service, his various jobs and trying out for THE superhero team of superhero teams, Thom must find a way to balance his life and come to terms with his father and with who he is.

I REALLY LOVED this book. It was fun, funny, emotional, and very character driven.

The stars of this book, and what really pushes the book forward are Thoms relationships with the other characters.

Thom is a great guy. He’s athletic, hardworking, and kind. He want’s to make a differnce in the world for the better even before he discovered he had super powers. But he is not perfect. His inability to control his powers is actually a reflection of his inability to see people as they really are. Fixing the external injuries of other’s is easy, but to truely master his abilities he needs to be able to look past the surface and see what is hurting inside a person.

And I think that that is what makes this book what it is. We get beyond the surface of these characters. All the main characters of this book are complex individuals. Firey Pyrokinetic Scarlett is not just a hot head. Typhoid Larry, the walking germ factory is braver and more loyal than he gives himself credit for. Golden Boy the speedster, is more than just an arrogant ass, and despite the fact that she is an old woman, Ruth the Seer is one woman you do not want to mess with. Then there is the Mysterious Dark Hero who seems to be following Thom every where for some reason. Then there is Goran, who is at first Thom’s rival on the basketball court, and later becomes his friend. Thom can’t stop thinking about Goran’s eyes, which are dark and intense to the point of making him seem like he is able to reach into Thom’s very soul, making him feel things he never felt before. And then there is his Hal, who’s rough and tough exterior hides so much more than Thom ever knew. Or his mother who disappeared when he was just a child.

All of these people are instrumental to Thom’s journey. All these people help him reach his potential while he helps them heal the hurts they have been keeping inside. And in doing that, in helping them, he might learn how to heal the hurt inside himself.

The Story itself, is also great. A world full of superheroes and villains. There are somethings that are REALLY cheesy. There are the obvious, and by obvious I mean REALLY obvious references to “Real” Superheroes. Superman= Both Uberman and Justice, Wonder Woman= Warrior Woman, Aquaman= King of the Sea, Batman= Hal Creed and Dark Hero (both of whom are the only non powered heroes).

There is also a murderer who targets the heroes that Thom must help to solve.

Maybe it’s because I am an English Major, but there were some plot points i was able to deduce pretty easily. The Identity of Dark Hero is pretty clear if you are paying attention to the story, The man Thom meets on a rainy night was also obvious after the fact. But none of these things take away from what is the actual meat of the story. Thom’s personal journey and the choices that means he must make.

There is Fun, there is joy, there is heart ache, there is tragedy, and there is the story of a young gay man who learns what being a hero really means.

It’s a great read. I am really saddened by the Death of Perry Moore last year. He had wanted to Write a few more stories in that series, and was in the process of having a movie/tv series base on the book. I really hope that despite his death this will still happen.

I don’t think I have ever read another book like this before and have been trying to find another one since. I highly recomend it. If anyone knows of any other LGBT Superhero, science fiction, or fantasy stories that you would recomend (or even stories that are not LGBT persay but have LGBT main characters) then please do not hesitate to mention them. I would love to read them and Maybe even review them on here!

Break Down:
Funny “Commentary” on superhero Genre: Heroes’ dislike of Aliens, Magic, Time Travel and Mind control among them.

Some what cheesy at some points: The “real” Superhero stand ins could not be more obvious. Might as well have painted a big red “S” on Justice’s Chest.

A lot of flashbacks that can get confusing if you are not paying attention.

Very character driven: You learn alot about not only Thom, but the other main characters as well.

Tells the journey of a young superhero who just happens to be gay. Yes, being gay is a significant thing, and at one point it is a significant plot point. But the story is not about “A gay Superhero”. Being gay is only part, a significant part yes but still just a part, of who Thom Creed is.

It has alot of HEART. It has Drama, tongue in cheek genre savvy humor. Most importanly it has Love: romantic, and philial as well

Anyways, I give this Book A 9/10
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I was looking at my old Live Journal page and realized how goddamned whiney it was. I don't mean you know, everynow and then I would have a bad day, and need to vent. No almost every post was nothing but whiney emo crap.

I'm going to try blogging again. Not sure what. Maybe post some of my art work, some of my writing. Maybe some of my thoughts, opinions.

I can't promise that I won't have Emo moments because, let's face it, you know me. I'm emotional, opinionated, I like playing devils advocate, and prone to moments of deep thought at times depression. But hey, that's me.

I'll try to limit the super emo stuff.

I just think I need an emotional, artistic and creative outlet whether or not somebody actually reads it.

So yeah. Here's to a new blogging adventure, comment if you like, or just lurk around.


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